LEGEND SILK Hair Bleaching Powder

  • Dust Free
  • Blue
  • 480g/bag
  • Low foam
  • Reduce irritation

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> Blue Powder.
> Gentle Bleaching, Lightening Level 3 to Level 7 hair base at the first 30mins, Another 30mins can get level 8-9 hair base.
> No Foam, No Dirty.
>This bleaching powder has more oily substances, and the hair is less damaged and less irritating after bleaching.

1. MIX bleaching powder with peroxide(1:2) until mixture is smooth.
2. Apply the mixture along the length of the required area of the hair to 2cm from the scalp.
3. Lead time:25-45 minutes and observe the color change.
4. Rinse thoroughly when lifting up design level.
5. Different levels of peroxide and lead time will effect the bleaching outcome.

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