All About Purple Shampoo, and Why It's So Important for Blonde Hair?

What is Violet Shampoo?

Purple Shampoo is a shampoo in which purple coloring is added to neutralize brassy tones in the hair, leaving it bright and cool.

Why Purple and Not Other Colors?

On the color wheel, purple is the opposite of yellow, meaning purple can neutralize yellow tones, and using purple shampoo in hair treatments can correct hair color.

What Hair Type Needs Use Anti-yellow Shampoo?

If you have blonde, gray, white, platinum, etc. light hair, then purple shampoo is a must-have product. If you use purple shampoo directly on dark hair, you won’t get any results.

In salons, purple shampoo is often used after bleaching to leave the base color clean without damaging the hair.

How to Use Purple Pigment Shampoo?

Apply purple shampoo evenly to wet hair.

The length of stay depends on the effect you need and the characteristics of the product. Generally, it only takes 3-5 minutes.

Rinse off and use conditioner.

How Often Should I Use?

If you have warm blonde hair, you can use a purple shampoo every two weeks to control the tone, and if you have cool, light hair, you should use it once a week to keep hair cool.

If your hair takes on a purple tinge after using purple shampoo, stop using purple shampoo immediately and opt for a purifying shampoo to remove the tone. Can be mixed with other shampoo or conditioner for next use.

How to Choose Violet Shampoo?

Facing the names of purple shampoos, there are blonde balancing shampoo, silver shampoo, no yellow shampoo, how to choose the most suitable shampoo for you?

Not all purple shampoos have the same amount of purple pigment, so it’s important to choose a purple shampoo that’s right for your hair color.

For platinum, white, gray hair, a purple shampoo with minimal pigmentation is required. For a first try, mix it with your regular shampoo or conditioner. 

What is Purple Depositing Shampoo?

This kind is to add a lot of purple pigment, after neutralizing the yellow tone in the hair, there will be a change in hair color caused by purple deposition. Intended for a temporary quick change of hair color that fades away with normal washing.

In order to suit different market needs, we can customize the pigment concentration, bottle type of purple shampoo. A large number of spot goods can be purchased directly.

How to choose more purple hair care products, such as purple conditioner and purple hair mask.

Purple Hair Mask and Purple Conditioner work just like Purple Shampoo. Eliminates brassy tones in hair. Conditioners and masks have no cleansing properties but more hair care ingredients.

More About Purple Shampoo:

  1. Wait until your hair has faded before using purple shampoo, or it will change the tone of your newly dyed hair.
  2. If you are concerned that purple shampoo will damage your hair, you can reduce the frequency of use or use a milder purple shampoo.
  3. If the yellow tinge doesn’t go away, choose a stronger purple shampoo or leave it on your hair longer.
  4. Use blue shampoo if you want to remove the orange tinge from your hair

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